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Shaolin kung fu complete training

Here is a complete Shaolin training manual with a lot of valuable techniques and information.  The contents are:


  • A few words about Bodhidharma and Zen.
  • Presentation of Master Shi De Cheng.
  • Highlights of Shaolin meditation.
  • 18 basic techniques of Shaolin Kungfu with a detailed demonstration of the scheme (sliced) and paired explanations of each movement.
  • Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan form, the most basic form in Shaolin kung fu.
  • Exercises Ba Duan Jin.
  • Applications of the mentioned 18 basic exercises in actual combat.
  • 3 unarmed forms (da hong quan, lian huan quan, tong bei quan- in fast and slow motions.
  • Exercises Yi Jin Jing.
  • 5 forms with weapon (straight sword, Damo, mei hua sword, spear, staff, nine-section chain whip) - fast and slow.
  • 4 imitative forms of animals (eagle, leopard, praying mantis, monkey) -fast and slow.



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+1 #3 juan 2013-07-19 20:48
thanks a lot for this wonderful website, i am sure the people who loves wushu and the chinese culture have to appreciate your important and valious information, congratulations form venezuela.
+1 #2 sus 2012-05-06 01:43
thank you for the video.
+3 #1 Crilin 2012-03-14 17:50
This is a really great video with a lot of information!!! Thanks for the uploading!

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